What is mySEM?

A research-grade SEM for imaging nanoscale objects and materials.
mySEM Product

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Powered by the patented Novelx Stacked Silicon technology, the mySEM is a research-grade scanning electron microscope for imaging and characterizing nanoscale objects and materials. In a compact design that installs easily in your existing lab, the mySEM delivers capabilities only available in high-end field emission SEMs, at a fraction of the cost. Optimized for low-voltage operation and without need to coat non-conductive samples, the mySEM is an ideal choice for non-destructive imaging of energy sensitive samples, biomaterials and thin films. The mySEM can speed your research and product development cycles by decreasing the time from experimentation to characterization.

  • Research Grade Performance
  • Versatile Detector
  • Low-Voltage Imaging
  • Easy to Install

You can now order a wide range of sample mounts and holders for the Novelx mySEM on-line from Ted Pella, Inc. just click here.